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Great Wine-Storage Ideas

Tips to store wine

Rather you’re a wine connoisseur or just saving a few bottles to crack open on special occasion, it‘s always best to know how to safely store.


Helping to maintain the flavor and aroma, along with storing at the right temperature is a must. Rather its red, white, champagne or sparkling, storing between 53 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit usually most ideal. Anything warmer in temperature can cause the wine to go flat. Keep your wine in the dark and away from direct UV to help protect the wine’s flavor.


Controlling the humidity in a room when storing wine for a couple of years is crucial. Ideal storage level for wine, you want the humidity level to be somewhere between 50 to 75 percent, anything below can cause the cork to dry and air to seep into the bottle.


Ideally, you want to position the wine to be on its side. Allowing the wine to push against the cork, keeping it from drying. However, if you don’t plan to store the wine for long or if the bottle has a screw top or plastic cork, this is not required for safe storage.


Not all wine is designed to have a long shelf life or be aged. Make sure you know what the winemaker’s intention was for that particular bottle. It is always better to open it a little early and enjoy it!

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